Pauline at PC Creations Leeds

Who We Are

This is a small floral design business with a big heart, we just aim to please.


We’re a Leeds based company and that’s where the majority of our work is done.


Most of the jobs we take on come via word of mouth which is a big ego boost. Let’s face it we can’t let anyone that is new to us down especially if they’ve been told what to expect by our past customers.


There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than seeing our customers smile at the sight of something we have created specifically for them.

It’s the impetus which encourages us to produce something unique for each and every person we get the opportunity to work with.



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Bridal Bouquets

Our Customers



I have been helping individuals and organisations to celebrate their special events and occasions for more than 10 years now, and being responsible for the squeal of delight and surprise from another is still the number one reason for my joy in this business.


My best memory of  ‘the squeal' is that of a gentleman celebrating his 80th who was totally taken aback when he walked into the party venue and his blindfold was removed. Priceless!









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Brides Bouquet - pink and pastel green

Our Service 

We’re believers in the personal touch therefore we will where possible make a home visit with examples of our work when necessary.




With our goods one size does not fit all. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use any of our products that you see on our website, but it does ensure that what we can supply you with does not have to be exactly the same as anybody else’s. This is because we are willing to adapt each item to suit.


Some customers come to us with firm ideas of what they want, some have no idea and will leave entirely everything up to us.


We aim to be accommodating to all our customer's needs.   


Remember you can hire or buy certain items, even silk flower centrepieces and bouquets.