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PLANNING YOUR WEDDING - Favourite Filler Flowers (Part 2)

Updated: May 16, 2022

Jewel Colours Filler Flowers, Stocks, Rose Spray and Waxflower / Creaated by PC Creations Leeds
Wedding Flowers by PC Creations Leeds/ / Cerise Stocks, Orange Spray Roses and Pink Wax Flowers

Continuing the theme of filler flowers in bouquets, let’s turn our attention to some small perfectly formed flowers that 'Pack a Punch of Colour'.


CRASPEDIA (Billy Balls)

These small, golf ball like flowers are rather unassuming when observed as a solitary specimen, but pair several up with larger flowers such as peony’s, roses, orchids or sunflowers and they will soon come into their own. The transformation they bring to any bouquet is not to be ignored.

Go one step further - By including some subtle silver-grey foliage such as Dusty Miller (Senecio) or Lambs Ear (Stachys Byzantina), your bouquet will soar skywards a few levels.

(See Image below)

White daisies with yellow centres and Craspedia of the same colour make for a wonderful combination, but if you really don’t want large flowers stick to smaller daisies such as Feverfew. In-fact any flowers with yellow centres work well with them.

Like lots of other flowers Craspedia can be dyed therefore can be used in many different bouquet colour combinations.

Bouquet using Craspedia, Lambs ear and Feverfew

Photo: [Marvelous Things Photography](


STATICE (Limonium)

This unusual candidate comes to you in papery purples and pinks, lovely lilacs and lemons, beautiful blue hues and wonderful white. Again it is not a flower that many people would consider to be much to look at, but it really does look lovely nestled among larger blooms in paler colours.

Image found on Pinterest - Bouquet with purple Statice (filler flower)



Yes for those of you familiar with this flower, it may be a strange one to include in this list of tiny flowers that pack a punch, but take a look and tell me it doesn’t bring some magic to a bouquet. The beauty of it is that you really don’t need to use much for it to have an impressive impact on the end result.

It may not come in an array of sumptuous colours, but where ever it lacks in the colour stakes it makes up for in effect.

It is a small white flower with a yellow centre that comes in good sized clusters on one stem. It’s so pretty it can be used in a rustic bride’s bouquet, bound with little else but ribbon, lace or twine and still make a bold statement.

So for those of you that have previously only looked upon this flower as merely help to a herbalist look again.



What is it about the Lisianthus that makes it so well loved as a filler flower? Could it be the interesting way their whirl shaped buds unfold to become beautiful bell shaped flowers, their long slender straight stems or the colour combinations that they come in. These flowers seem so delicate, but they’ll hold their own in your brides bouquet throughout the day. They look beautiful with roses and peonies and other larger flowers, in fact they look good tucked in with most flowers in any bouquet.

Image courtesy of Pixabay - Lisianthus flowers with Gerbera

Lisianthus can also help with the structure of your bouquet - If you are looking for a longer more interesting crescent or teardrop shaped bouquet this flower will help you to create it.

This flower comes in luscious pastels such as lilac, lemon, lime, pink and deeper colours such as purple and cerise.



Pink Spray Carnations Leeds
Pink Spray Carnations (filler flowers)

Spray Carnations

If you have the time to take a further look, you will find that there are indeed many more small flowers to choose from.

I've introduced you to four of my favourite filler flowers, do you have any you wish to mention? If yes why not get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy hunting for your ideal flowers, we wish you every success.

Don’t forget PC creations can assist you with bouquets for your special occasions. Fresh or silk..

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