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If you’re getting married or will be holding a special event between now and August then you are definitely in for a treat.

PC Creations Leeds Brides bouquet in pastel colours using lilac and white stock

Why? I hear you ask. It’s that time of the year when an unassuming flower called scented stock comes into its own. It’s not as beautiful as an orchid, nor is it as billowy or blousy as a peony. It doesn’t necessarily stand out from the crowd in a floral arrangement, but boy does it bring the finishing touches to a meh bouquet.

You may know scented stocks by one of it's other names which are; Gillyflowers or Matthiola.


Inexpensive as it is, I believe the stock brings a wealth of beauty to a brides bouquet.

  • As a filler it is; not a dense flower, this allows it to bring just enough delicacy to fit into a romantic bouquet.

  • The conical shape formed by its clusters of flowers mean it can fit right in among other blooms used in a rustic bouquet.

  • The stock is said to be a symbol of beauty, happy life and contentment.

  • Used in clusters it can take the place of the much more expensive hydrangea.

  • The stock is available in colours that look as sweet as they smell, such as; candy coloured pink, lemony yellow, parma violet lilac, rich red, purple and last but not least dependable white.

  • The beautiful sweet spicy clove like aroma it brings is good enough to rival any other scented flower out there.

  • The stock originates from the Mediterranean and believe it or not is related to cabbage and kale.

  • Apparently the flowers are edible, though I myself would rather admire them in a bouquet, or floral display than eat them.

  • You can use them together with roses, they look dreamy with sweat-peas and used with peony they make a pretty bouquet with interesting texture.

  • This flower is truly versatile.

  • Just when you don't think it can get any better, the stock will also last a good length of time (up to 2 weeks).

As you can see I can’t sing enough praises for this beautiful bloom, it’s a lovely all rounder and will probably forever remain somewhere at the top of my favourite flowers list.


Take my advice, buy a couple of bunches and put them in your room. Whether you are planning on getting married or not, the sweet aroma from these flowers is better than anything an artificial air freshener can offer.

What is your opinion? Let us know.

PC Creations wishes you every success whatever your special occasion.

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