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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Alstroemeria The Altogether Amazing Flower

Image courtesy of Pexels

This month when you’re out and about doing your daily shopping, it won’t matter which shop you’re in, if it sells fresh flowers you will probably find some of the above flowers there.

They're quite easy to ignore among the other blooms wrapped up in cellophane, especially if the buds are not yet fully open. Never the less if you look close enough you’re going to see it sitting in the flower buckets, in a myriad bouquets and colours.

The Peruvian lily, Inca lily, parrot lily, Alstro, Alstroemeria.

Why is this flower so amazing? You may well ask. I afford this flower with such an accolade for several reasons. To find out why read on.



1. Firstly, it's available all year round

2. It is versatile and works well with many other flowers

3. The Alstroemeria is a wonderful flower that doesn’t really need any assistance, therefore can be used by itself in a bouquet.

4. It’s also a good choice of Filler Flower

5. It has the attributes of an orchid for a lot less money

6. It’s available in just about every colour except blue and green

Ivory Rose, Freesia and Alstroemeria Bouquet - Leeds
Ivory Wedding Bouquet - April 2021

7. One Alstroemeria stem provides you with a cluster of at least 6 flowers or more

8. The flowers come with their own inbuilt contrasting colours

9. These flowers are a beautiful delicate trumpet shape

10. You don’t need to invest in any greenery with this flower in your bouquet, it comes with its own

11. The striped markings found on a lot of these flowers add interest to any bouquets

12. Finally, this bloom is ideal for any bride that requires a beautiful, budget friendly bouquet

13. Alstroemeria flowers do not need to be fully opened in your flower arrangement. The bouquet in the image above contains stems with the buds just on the verge of opening. Even when closed these striped buds offer a lovely visual texture.

So there you have it, a run down of the virtues of the lovely Alstroemeria.

If you've spoken to your florist already about your bouquet, you might find they have already included this lovely bloom. If they haven't and you feel the same way as I do about this beautiful specimen, then why not request that they include one or two.

How do you feel about the Alstroemeria? Why not get in touch and let us know.

Don’t forget PC Creations offers a floral design service, why not contact us for a free consultation.

Whatever your choice of flowers for your special occasion, PC Creations Leeds wish you all the very best success!

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