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Updated: Feb 20, 2021


As I've said before I love, love, love wedding bouquets of all shapes, sizes and colours. Those that cause me to take a second look are the ones that I like most of all. Especially when the foliage and flowers create interesting textures and shapes that cause my eyes to dance over every facet. That's what I call a bouquet with attitude.

There are a lot of visibly unique flowers out there for you to choose from that will provide you with a plethora of visual interest. We have already looked at the lovely Leucadendron, which offered not just interesting foliage but a striking flower as well. There's a contender, and it's name is grevillea.


Grevillea foliage is a bit of an odd ball. It’s really not that fantastic to look at. You might even walk past It in the floral warehouse. Our advice to you is to give it a chance. It is amazing. It is what salt is to vinegar, what bread is to butter, what pb is to j, what cheese is to onion. Once you’ve used Grevillea you’ll understand.

Take a look at the image above. The roses and berries have been bound with aralia leaves, the interesting, spiny, slender foliage interspersed in the bouquet is grevillea Ivanhoe. The greenery gives another dimension to what would have been a more run of the mill bouquet.

PC Creations Leeds wedding Buttonhole includes some grevillea ivanhoe.
Buttonholes by PC Creations Leeds


Grevillea is a plant that comes bearing gifts. Gifts not just in the shapes of the most aesthetic and interesting flowers, but also fascinating foliage in colours and shapes that can't help but capture your curiosity when used both effectively and sparingly to bring your bouquet from ordinary to outstanding.

Yes sparingly, you really don't need much of either the blooms or the leaves of this plant to create a bouquet oozing with attitude.

It has similar qualities to the Leucodendron and surprise, surprise just like the Leucodendron it is also related to the wonderful Protea. Its flower heads cannot compete with protea size wise, but worry not because it makes up for that shortfall with the most interesting looking flowers. Some which literally look like brightly coloured spiders and others that favour bright and beautiful bottle brushes.

Take a closer look at a grevillea flower then you might understand why it's common name is the spider flower. See image above.

Grevillea flowers come in a variety of colours, bright reds, whites, yellows, pinks, greens, peaches, cream and more therefore you should have no difficulty finding one that will add some sparkle to your wedding bouquet.


  • Not long ago I was singing the praises of ‘Foliage Only Bouquets’. In that blog I suggested at least 20 different types of greenery that you could consider for your bouquet, grevillea Ivanhoe is one interesting candidate that I feel should have been given a mention.

  • Grevillea foliage, as mentioned earlier can bring just as much interest to your bouquet as the flower. The leaves come in a variety of colours and shapes. Some have a fern like appearance, others spiky similar to those of a rosemary plant.

  • If you look around you should also come across this foliage pre dyed, and if that wasn't enough it works well used in a fresh or dried state.

  • Grevillea Ivanhoe is a particular favourite foliage of mine. It works well in both a buttonhole or a bouquet.

Pinterest image showing a Brides bouquet containing the bottle brush like grevillea flower and its foliage

In the image above is what I call a bouquet with attitude, and lots of it. Its full of my favourites; grevillea, protea, leucodendron and alstroemeria.

Not everyone's cup of tea, but to me absolutely stunning!

I hope PC Creations Leeds have whet your appetite where grevillea leaves and flowers are concerned. If you do give it a try or happen to use it in your bridal bouquet then we'd love to see some pictures

PC Creations Leeds wishes you every success with your wedding planning.

Remember we offer a full floral design service.

Contact us for further information regarding any of the services we can offer you.

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