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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I just can't stop talking about that majestic flower the protea. This is not the first PC Creations post this flower has been mentioned in and I'm not ashamed to say it probably will not be the last.

"They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me the protea is a real beauty. It’s not your typical flower though, nor is It what you could call dainty or delicate, but you certainly won’t need many of these in your bouquet that’s for sure. It's a fantastic statement flower. I would not be afraid to pair it up with lots of smaller leaved greenery and several flowers of different textures and sizes."

Here we are in 2019 and the popularity of this flower does not seem to have waned, nor has my fascination and admiration for it.



1. The PROTEA plant is also known as the sugarbush. This is mainly because it is renowned for producing lots of nectar.

2. The flower of the protea plant is a magnificent thing to behold. Apparently has been around for a very long time. Millions of years in fact.

3. They’re by no means delicate in appearance, though they can be found in the most beautiful pastel pinks yellows and whites, reds and oranges.

4. There are hundreds of protea to be found and their appearance can differ greatly. You will find there are three main types;

Flat open flowers

Pin cushion shaped

Conical shaped flowers

5. The King Protea has a shape akin to that of a crown. The diameter of this particular flower head can be as wide as 27 cm.

6. Proteas have been a popular wedding flower for a few years now and still are, so if you’re looking for a flower with attitude and beauty this is the one.

7. It is beautiful enough to use by itself, it needs no embellishments.

8. It is versatile enough to be combined with other smaller flowers if preferred, rest assured it will still be the focal point of the bouquet.

9. You can use a cluster of the smaller varieties of this magnificent flower with Amaranthus and lots of luscious leafy greenery and the finished product will be beautiful enough to be a sure show stopper.

I've been working with these magnificent flowers recently and I have to admit I really like the way that they can hold their own no matter how much greenery they are combined with. I like to see their stems bound with a little hessian. Probably due to their ruggedness. King Protea stems are often a beautiful shade of red, no need to cover them up.

Colourful Heart shaped floral funeral tribute
Tribute created with bold coloured flowers including Pincushion Protea (October 2021)

Brides bouquet containing pampas,  a mixture of orange and pink berries and flowers
Tropical Bouquet containing king Protea.

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