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PLANNING YOUR WEDDING BOUQUET - 6 Big Blooms You Need To Give A Second Look!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021


The 6 flowers mentioned below all bring something quite unique to a bouquet or reception centrepiece. Hopefully they will help you to decide what to do with yours.

You will see some flowers are delicate in colour whilst being quite dense in appearance. Other flowers offer a more airy feel.

The overall look of your bouquet is often determined by what you pair up with your flowers, that is the greenery, ribbons, jewels all contribute.

There is no right or wrong, it's all about what you want to see on the day that will make you happy, and provide you with fond memories to look back on.

6 Big Blooms You Need To Give A Second Look

Dahlia (Image courtesy of PEXELS)

1. DAHLIA – Dahlias came to this country about 200 years ago from Mexico. Maybe they wouldn’t be your first choice for your wedding flowers, but my challenge to you is, don’t dismiss them before you’ve taken a look.

They come in a myriad colours, such as red, pink, purple, lemon yellow, orange, ivory, and lilac. I could go on but again my advice is take a look for yourself.

You can get dahlias with impressive sized blooms.

This bloom is available throughout the summer months and into autumn.

Hydrangea image courtesy of PEXELS

2. HYDRANGEA – Beautiful and big. They come in 3 main colours, which are blue, pink and white. Their clusters of flowers are packed tight in a distinctive dome shape. That is unless you select a lacecap variety which is flatter in shape and more delicate in appearance.

This is a summer flower.

Orchid image courtesy of PEXELS

3. ORCHID – These exotic blooms come in varying sizes ranging from tiny and delicate to quite sizeable. If you want big and showy, go for a Vanda Orchid.

These flowers are available to buy most of the year.

Pink and Ivory Paeony Brides Bouquet Leeds
Peony Bouquet by PC Creations Leeds (May 2021)

4. PEONY – The peony has a prolific amount of pretty petals. You’ll find some that come in perfect pastel pinks and corals, others the deepest, richest reds. They give wonderful texture to a brides bouquet. Why not mix them with their tightly closed spherical buds. Mixing the 2 textures will give your bouquet an interesting look and feel.

REMEMBER - This beautiful specimen of a flower is available from April to June and is not available all year round.

5. PROTEA – They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me the protea is a real beauty.

It’s not your typical flower though, nor is It what you could call dainty or delicate, but you certainly won’t need many of these in your bouquet that’s for sure. It's a fantastic statement flower. I would not be afraid to pair it up with lots of smaller leaved greenery and several flowers of different textures and sizes. (Take a look at the above image of a beautiful brides bouquet I found and fell in love with on the website).

Available year round.

Sunflower image courtesy of PEXELS

6. SUNFLOWER – Do I really need to describe a sunflower to you? They’re rather big and bright yellow.

Available from spring until autumn.

Thank you for taking a look at this short list of big blooms that we hope will help and inspire you to achieve interesting and beautiful brides bouquets, and reception centrepieces.

Whatever your flower choice for your special event, PC Creations Leeds wishes you every success.

Please contact us with your comments, in fact we would be interested to know the name of your favourite flower.

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