PLANNING YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS - Give Your Wedding Bouquet An Airy Feel and Interesting Texture With

Updated: Oct 3, 2020


So you’ve decided on the must have flowers in your bouquet.

What might your florist suggest you pair with the flowers of your choice to complete the look?

Bouquets constructed with one flower type only are beautiful, alternatively if you don’t want your bouquet to be too compact then this is when the smaller filler flowers will come into their own.

Before looking at smaller filler flowers you could consider a bouquet with 2 different flowers of the same colour to break it up a little. For instance, you may have already come across rose and peony bouquets. They are similar flowers but each one brings a different texture, and combined they make a beautiful bouquet.

Would you like a bouquet with an airy feel and interesting texture?

If your answer is yes then consider adding any of the flowers below to the mix;

Gypsophila - Also known as Baby's Breath. These tiny flowers come in quite large clusters on one stem. They can be split into smaller groups to fill the smallest gaps in bouquets. They bring so much life to an arrangement.

There are different types of 'Gyps', you can even get them in pink. I prefer 'Million Stars'.

Queen Anne’s Lace - Another small white flower that comes in clusters. The flowers are packed tighter than Gypsophila and their appearance is that of lace.

Astrantia – Nature needs no assistance when it comes to creating wonderful works of art, and the Astrantia flower in my eyes is one not to be overlooked in the beauty stakes. It’s small, it’s unassuming, but take a real close look at one of these delicate looking flowers and tell me you don’t agree that it’s perfectly formed.

Add a branch or two of these lovely lookers to your bouquet and you’ll create immediate interest. They bring so much movement to a bouquet, as well as a light airy feel. It’s probably not to everyone’s taste, but it’s definitely one of my favourites, especially when included in a Boho or Free Form bouquet. Available in several colours.

Wax Flowers- I've previously discussed this little beauty in the ’10 Fragrant Flowers’ post, but it still deserves another mention here. So, if you didn’t realise it already, Wax Flowers have a great scent which is subtle not strong and if that’s not enough they’re also small and perfectly formed. You’ll find them mainly in pale pink, cerise and creamy white. I prefer this flower to Baby's Breath, not that it's better, it's just my preference.

Rose and Wax Flower bouquet (Image courtesy of Freepik)

We’ve come to the end of My Favourite Filler Flowers – Part 1. In the coming weeks Part 2 will be posted which will focus more on filler flowers that bring a ‘Pop of Colour’.

To whet your appetite take a look at the Rustic Buttonhole in the image below. Not only is there ample greener, it is also enhanced with filler flowers of orange spray roses and red berries.

As always PC Creations wishes you all the best with the planning of your special event.

PC Creations welcomes your comments.


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