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PLANNING YOUR WEDDING BOUQUET- Fresh Flowers or Artificial

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Meghan’s Wedding Bouquet

Well it's been a little while since the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Meghan's bouquet may not have been big or bold but it did make a statement.

I know with the mix of flowers she was carrying it must have smelt heavenly.

A Fragrant Mix

Jasmine, lily of the valley, sweet peas and myrtle leaves are all wonderfully fragrant.

The small white bouquet also contained forget-me-not, astilbe, and astrantia (I featured this flower in Favourite Filler Flowers Part 1).

The bouquet of every bride means so much to them

Have you got a special date coming soon? What do you require? Lots of colour? Big flowers? The same flowers that your mother used on her wedding day? Are you using a particular flower to honour the memory of a loved one? The 'Forget me Not' in Meghan's bouquet was Diana's favourite flower. The Myrtle was first used in Princess Victoria's bouquet.

Stop! Think!

  • Are the flowers you want to see in your bouquet in season during the month of your wedding?

  • Do they come in the colours of your choice?

  • If not, It is now possible to find some absolutely beautiful and realistic silk / artificial flowers.

  • There is no reason why both fresh and artificial flowers can not be combined to create something wonderful.

NOTE: It is possible to dye fresh flowers, some can look quite natural, and some don't.

The Fresh Flower versus Artificial Flower Debate

FRESH - There is nothing like the smell of fresh flowers.

ARTIFICIAL flowers have no scent, but you can spray them with floral perfume.

FRESH flowers have a natural movement.

ARTIFICIAL flowers can be quite rigid and therefore lack in this area.

FRESH flowers have a short shelf life, they will eventually die.

ARTIFICIAL flowers can be kept for a life-time and used for other occasions if stored properly.

Tropical Wedding Chair Decorations - Leeds
Faux Flower Wedding Chair Decoration by PC Creations Leeds (May 2021)

FRESH flowers can / will wilt in the heat of the day.

ARTIFICIAL flowers will not be affected by any fluctuations in temperature during your day.

FRESH flowers can be dried, but will not keep their original look indefinitely.

ARTIFICIAL flowers will maintain their fresh look.

FRESH flower prices can be expensive especially when not in season.

ARTIFICIAL flowers are available all year round, fluctuating prices will not be a problem.

Brides Bouquet and Groom's Buttonhole from PC Creations Faux Flower Collection
Bouquet by PC Creations Leeds (Faux Flowers)

FRESH flowers have to be handled with much care, some are very delicate.

ARTIFICIAL flowers can take a lot of handling without their appearance being affected detrimentally.

FRESH flowers cannot be prepared too far in advance, therefore if you are planning on preparing your own you will be under a lot of pressure very close to your wedding day.

ARTIFICIAL flowers can be prepared in advance, giving you more precious time for yourself in the lead up to your wedding

FRESH flowers - You may not see your bouquet until your wedding day. If it is not all that you wanted, it may be too late to amend it.

ARTIFICIAL bouquets can be seen in advance of your wedding day, therefore they can be tweaked to perfection before your big day.

faux Flower Brides Bouquet by PC Creations Leeds

FRESH flowers can be a nightmare for people with hay fever / pollen related allergies.

ARTIFICIAL flowers have no pollen, which is good news for those with pollen allergies.

FRESH flowers - every single stem is unique, like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same.

ARTIFICIAL flowers don't offer you that same nuance, since nature did not have a hand in their creation. This could be seen as beneficial to the person working with them though.


It’s a hung jury here at PC Creations Leeds!

  • Though I absolutely adore fresh flowers, they will not always be my first choice.

  • There are some artificial flowers out there that are wonderful works of art.

  • You can mix fresh and silk flowers in bouquets and floral displays to create some marvelous masterpieces.

Fresh Flower Bouquet / Scabiosa combined with Eucalyptus and Beargrass
Bouquets by PC Creations Leeds

Share your thoughts?

Are you an artificial flower snob?

Is it fresh flowers all the way for you?

Why not let us know, we're always happy to read your comments.

It's your day and your choice. As usual PC Creations Leeds wishes you every success with whatever decision you make.

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