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PLANNING YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS - The Symbolic Meaning Of Flowers (Part 2)


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Welcome to part 2 of 'The Symbolic Meaning Of Flowers'. My apologies since it is coming to you a lot later than anticipated. July proved to be a busy month and full of surprises.

As mentioned in the July blog, this is just an opportunity to delve a little into the meaning of flowers. This time we'll be looking at a few of this summers popular flowers for brides.

So let's take a look at a bloom I've enthused about previously which is none other than the heavenly hydrangea. Available in white, pink and blue.They're so beautiful and big why wouldn't anyone want to use them to make a statement? If you're planning on using them in your bouquet would it make a difference to you to know what they symbolise? Take a look below.

The Hydrangea symbolises understanding, perseverance and emotion.

Blue Hydrangea

The Ranunculus symbolises being dazzled by charm, and who wouldn't be dazzled by something as beautiful as the flower in this picture.

  • Ranunculus blooms are not very big, but they do make up for that with their beauty.

  • Believe it or not they're a member of the buttercup family.

  • They are available in lovely bright colours such as cerise, orange, yellow, gold, pink, red and white.

  • Their flower heads are very similar to roses, but they have their own characteristics. For one they are flatter and rounder in shape.

The ranunculus does work particularly well in a beautiful bouquet mixed with roses. In fact it works well with many flower types.

The calla Lily dependant on colour represents marital bliss, true devotion, magnificent beauty, purity and innocence to name but a few.

  • Perhaps one of the most intriguing facts about the calla lily is that it isn't a lily at all, rather it is a zantedeschia.

  • Names aside this flower is a beauty, they can grow so tall that they can be used as a scaffolding for many bouquets, especially if you use the large white variety.

  • They're lovely when used in a pendulous bouquet design and make beautiful buttonholes.

Calla Buttonhole by PC Creations Leeds

Succulents - Symbolise enduring and timeless love.

  • Whilst these are not flowers, they are regularly popping up in brides bouquets.

  • Useful not just in bouquets, but as gifts/favours for guests also.

I've always loved these plants. I bought my first one, an echeveria about 35 years ago in Brighouse. I didn't appreciate the care it needed at the time, hence the reason it didn't last very long. I currently have a variety of about 10 of them.

  • They're not only beautiful, they come with many benefits, but I'll leave that for another blog.

  • One thing for sure is after the wedding if you don't throw your bouquet on the day you'll be able to plant up your succulents and keep them as house plants. That is if the roots were left on them. You must admit that's a nice way to remember your wedding day in the future.

I would love to hear from my readers to find out what they're planning on using in their bouquets, and would also always welcome your comments re this blog.

Don't forget PC creations offers a floral design service, why not contact us for further information on how we can help you.

PC Creations Leeds wishes you every success for the future.

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