PLANNING YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS - The Symbolic Meaning of Your Flowers (Part 1)


When I was planning my wedding flowers the only thing I really cared about was that the bouquet couldn’t be large, cumbersome or elaborate. There had to be baby’s breath and gerbera flowers included, but apart from those few requirements nothing really mattered to me. I was in fact quite overwhelmed by the profusion of flower choices, and the many bouquet images on display protected by plastic sleeves in the florist books were all just too much for me.

Here I am 30 years later absolutely absorbed in all that involves blooms, bouquets and centrepieces, a lot older, a little wiser and ready to share.

Bouquet by PC Creations Leeds


Firstly, as long as you get the bouquet of your dreams that’s all that matters.

As I've mentioned before brides have various reasons for making their flower choices, and those reasons can range from the scent, the size, the colour and the sentimental value, not forgetting the trends. (See Fresh Flowers Versus Artificial article)

This is just an opportunity for us to delve a little bit into the symbolism attached to some of the most popular flowers and find out why brides might choose a particular bloom.

Let’s take a look at the most popular of wedding flowers and their meanings starting with the rose.

The red rose symbolises love, passion, respect and courage, see what the other colours of this well trusted flower mean.

  • White Rose - Innocence, purity

  • Yellow Rose - Joy and friendship

  • Light Pink Rose - Grace, gladness and joy

  • Dark Pink Rose - Thankfulness

  • Rose / red and white combined - Unity

  • Orange Rose - Fascination

  • Peach Rose - Desire

The Lily

  • Lily - Majesty

  • Lily white - Purity and modesty

  • Lily Yellow - Happiness

Baby's Breath / Gypsophila - Innocence, Pure of Heart

Chrysanthemums - Cheerfulness, Optimism

Image courtesy of Pexels

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when a bride chooses her bouquet that's exactly what she's looking for beauty. I'll say it again, this is merely a look at the meaning of flowers and what they represent to some people.There's really no need to make sorting the flowers for your wedding so technical that it becomes a bore. that being said I do hope you enjoy a little insight.

Well we're at the end of this blog, but as you can see in the title above this is only part 1, part 2 will follow in a few days so stay posted.

Remember whatever your choice, PC Creations Leeds wishes you every success in your planning.

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