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PLANNING YOUR WEDDING - Reception Lighting (Part 2)


A very warm welcome to part 2 of 'Reception Lighting', we're hoping you will gain some inspiration for your future celebrations.

The nights are drawing in sooner. This is the time of the year that you need to give careful consideration to the lighting for your late afternoon or evening wedding reception.

1. Candelabra / Candlesticks

Gold Candlesticks with Votive Candles / Image courtesy of Pexels

Gold candlesticks and candelabras are so beautiful and create such a romantic atmosphere. The ones above are no exception to the rule,

and the flowers around their bases add to the ambiance.

2. Cylinder Vases

Image courtesy of Aaron Joseph Photography

The very attractive cylinder vase centrepiece above is doing what I call double duty. Firstly it displays absolutely beautiful orchids submerged in water. Secondly, it is providing subtle lighting. Stunning!

3. Tea Light Holders

Image courtesy of Paolo Nicolello / Unsplash

If you're thinking of using tealight holders I would suggest that you test out your tealight in your chosen container, just to see how much light it gives out.

Some of them are so lovely to look at, but dependent on their depth of colour they won't always allow much light to come through, therefore they don't really serve their purpose.

My preferences are clear glass, crystal, or slightly opaque.

4. Stemmed Votive Holders

Stemmed votive holders / Image taken from The Bridal Store Website

Stemmed candle holders always look best when used in clusters.

5. Martini Glass Vase

The image above shows a Martini Glass Vase Table Centrepiece from the '' website. It showcases a centrepiece decorated with crystal garlands and pearl beads, illuminated with what is probably a submersible light. It is simple, beautiful and effective!

6. Hurricane Vase

Hurricane Vase with Pillar Candle by PC Creations Leeds

The lovely lines of a hurricane vase containing a pillar candle don't really need any decorating. If you want to go the extra mile or you don't have too much decor on the table already then using ribbons, and flowers with them will work well.

7. Round Fish Bowl

Illuminated Fishbowl Image taken from Sweet Jasmine Weddings Website

The white light emanating from this centrepiece (by Sweet Jasmine Weddings) is simply stunning. Again, not only does it display beautiful flowers, it also adds illumination to the venue tables.

The list above is just a taster of what is available for you to consider using on your celebration tables. There are so many containers of interesting shapes, colours and varying sizes available today.

We hope you've been inspired to be both adventurous and innovative with your lighting.

If you should need any further information or assistance please don't hesitate to contact us. (details below)

PC Creations wishes you every success with your wedding planning.

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