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Need Advice On How To Attach Your Wedding Buttonhole or Boutonniere?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

wedding Boutonniere, Pink Rosebud with sprig of eucalyptus leaves.
PC Creations Leeds Boutonniere. Stem slim enough to put through buttonhole on jacket lapel if preferred.

Not wanting to have anyone feel as if I'm trying to teach grandma how to suck eggs but...

If you've ever been a groomsman at a wedding did you know instantly how to attach the boutonniere to your lapel?

As a florist I've created so many beautiful boutonnieres, both simple and complex. Only to see them attached precariously to the lapel of a Groom or Groomsman. Skew-whiff, too high or too low with the point of the pin sometimes waiting to pierce an unsuspecting well wisher at the moment they move in with a congratulatory hug.

So before any further ado please read on for 9 tips to ensure that your boutonniere stays in place throughout the ceremony, the taking of the photographs and beyond!

9 Tips On How To Successfully Attach Your Wedding Boutonniere


Your boutonniere should be attached to your left lapel. To help you to remember; picture it being just above your heart.


If your jacket has a buttonhole sewn into the left lapel then you're already half way there, though it does depend on how high it has been placed.

Sometimes they are more of an aesthetic feature and are so high up on the lapel that they are impractical to use.

Close up of lapel buttonhole
Image Courtesy of (This website also has a blog covering the history of lapel buttonholes).


Buttonholes are sometimes sewn onto the lapel, occasionally they still need to be cut in the centre to allow you to insert your boutonniere.

If this is the case then ensure you have a sharp pair of scissors and a steady hand!


Take a look at the reverse of your left lapel. If you are lucky there will be a horizontal loop stitched there. It will be an inch or so lower than the buttonhole.

If there is a loop, it is there to help to secure your boutonniere.

Once you have pushed the stems of your boutonniere through the buttonhole opening you should be able to secure the stems by also pushing them through the loop.

Close up of loop on the reverse of a jacket lapel.
Image from showing loop on the reverse of a jacket lapel. You will also find a blog on their site covering the history of the buttonhole.


It's probably best to have one person attach the boutonnieres for all the groomsmen.

It will help with a uniformed look.


If there will be no-one available to assist you on the day, it would be a good idea to attach the flower to your lapel before putting your jacket on.

Orange Rose and red Hypericum boutonniere.
Boutonniere by PC Creations Leeds


If your jacket does not have a ready made buttonhole - place the flower in the correct position on the lapel, hold it steady, flip the lapel and attach the flower by pushing the pin through the lapel, into the flower stems and back from behind the lapel.

This creates a neater finish and the pin will not be visible.


A large boutonniere may need help to stay put on your lapel especially if it is too large to go through the ready made buttonhole on your jacket.

Very often boutonnieres are made in such a way that the groom will be happy for the stems to be visible; in which case it is hoped that your florist will supply you with corsage pins long enough and strong enough to push through the jacket lapel and boutonniere stems.

To attach the boutonniere follow the guidelines in step 7, and use 2 pins if necessary.

Ivory rose Boutonniere (Leeds)
Groom's Boutonniere by PC Creations Leeds


Practice placing a buttonhole on a jacket before the big day. If you speak to your florist I'm sure he or she will be happy to help you.

I do hope the information above has been helpful.



Wishing you a wonderful wedding day!

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