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PLANNING YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS - Autumn Brides Guide To Using Berries And Seeds In Your Bouquet

Updated: Aug 7, 2020


So, you’re probably planning an Autumn / Winter wedding and wondering what colours to choose.

Maybe you opted for this time of the year to tie the knot because you're drawn to the rich colours that autumn brings.

Brides Bouquet with berries, seeded eucalyptus and scabiosa seed heads.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Do your bouquet colours have to be totally different just because of the season?

Not necessarily, but nature has a way of changing things up a little this time of year, therefore the colours of the foliage and berries on some plants appear to just come to life during the Autumn / Fall season, showing off their russets, reds and flame oranges to maximum effect.

The absolutely fantastic fact about autumn is you’re going to find such rich colour coming to you in the form of not just flowers, but seeds, pods and berries. My advice would be to take full advantage of the full spectrum of colour available, and combine the rich with the muted.


Image courtesy of Freepik, Bouquet of berries, roses, and eucalyptus

1. Scabiosa Pod heads do not add a rich colour to a brides bouquet, but they definitely bring a wonderful texture.

Close-up of Scabiosa and Pink Hypericum

2. Poppy Seed Heads make a big bold statement with their spherical appearance.

Brides Bouquet including Scabiosa Seed Pod, Seeded Eucalyptus and large Poppy Seed head

3. Seeded Eugalyptus come in green, yellow,and white.

close-up of Eucalyptus and Berries

4. Hypericum Berries available in green, yellow, pink, varying shades of red, ivory and burgundy

5. Snowberries come in clusters of red, pink, or white. Available between August and October in the UK. If you are looking for pink berries there is a beautiful variety called 'Magical Treasure' you should look out for.

Autumn/Winter bouquet with seeded eucalyptus and snowberries. Image taken from Pinterest

6. Juniper berries are quite different from a lot of other berries due to their dark purple colour.

7. Rosehip commonly come in red or orange, but you will find purple and black out there as well.

Berry bouquet which includes Orange Red Rosehip and Succulents. Image found on Pinterest

Boutonniere, Rosehip and succulent
Boutonniere by PC Creations Leeds

8. Crocosmia seed heads come in mottled shades of greens, red and purple.

9. Viburnum Berries come in clusters of different shades of reds and purples.

10. Agapanthus seed heads are dome shaped clusters which come in colours ranging from green to almost black.

Agapanthus seed head / Image from pinterest by Andy Small Photography

So much colour and not a flower mentioned yet!

I love, love, love flowers but at this time of the year I would much rather see lots and lots of greenery and berries with maybe just a select few flowers in a brides bouquet.

I would still look to a beautiful, large billowy rose, though also include something like a Scabiosa flower too.

Scabiosa Flower, part of an image from

My Wedding Flower Mantra

I have a mantra when it comes to making your wedding flower choices, which is,

‘First consider your budget, Second the season of your flower'

I wonder, do any of our readers have a mantra? Why not get in touch and share your wisdom with us.

PC Creations welcomes your feedback on the contents of this blog post or any other on this website.

PC Creations wishes you every success with your bouquet choice.

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